Hot Rod Entertainments

Hot Rod Entertainments’- Micro Reality NASCAR Experience has PROVEN to be a tremendous traffic builder and SUPER crowd pleaser. As you may know, NASCAR is the fastest growing institution in America. We have found a unique and highly effective way to help your company associate with the masses.

Imagine the impact that our racetrack would have if it were to be customized to your company or particular event. Visualize our race cars prominently brandishing your company’s logo, racing around our racetrack for all to see. Banners displayed trackside as well as on our tents emblazoned with your company’s name. Your advertising message on our late-model custom trailers… Sample products or brochures distributed to our captive audience… Information about your company being aired through our sound system between races… These are just some of the options available through our “MARKETING PARTNERSHIP” PROGRAM. Our Marketing Department is available to help develop and implement a particular program based on your needs. Please call us today for rates and a no obligation consultation (754) 368-2084.

Why Market Through Hot Rod Entertainment?

The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Advertising Age have all collectively said that motorsports marketing is the advertising wave of the future. Annually, over 10 billion dollars is spent in advertising through motor racing. The main reason; cost effectiveness. Our Marketing Department has developed a “MARKETING PARTNERSHIP” Program based on the following facts to put your company “in the Winner’s Circle!”

  • Both small and large companies have been using race cars as “rolling billboards” for over 45 years.
  • Automobile racing is one of the oldest forms of sports marketing.
  • There were an estimated 60 billion televised advertising impressions made in 1999 worldwide through automobile racing.
  • An estimated 2.2 billion tickets for automobile racing events sold worldwide in 1999.
  • Motorsports events had the highest number of live spectators of any sport in the United States in 1999. This far exceeded the attendance for the NFL, MLB, and the NBA.

Over the past several years, “HOT ROD ENTERTAINMENT” has perfected our “Marketing Partnership” Program to bring the excitement of NASCAR motorsports to your potential customers or clients through our MICRO REALITY NASCAR EXPERIENCE. Our long list of corporate partners is proof of the detail and attention we have put into this exclusive program. We have accomplished this by capturing the perfect audience and holding their attention while prominently displaying your company name, product, or service.